My life has long been overshadowed by a battle with illness. Unable to work much due to my sickness, I spent many days in bed, accompanied by pain and suffering. However, encountering the profound practice of SITH Ho’oponopono brought a new light into my life. The moment I realized ‘there is something I can do,’ my heart was filled with strength. This practice is a beacon of hope in my life, a constant support that uplifts me.

The presence of Unihipili reminds me daily that I am not alone. This inner strength offers me courage and solace. Each time I repeat the four sacred words of Ho’oponopono with heartfelt gratitude, my spirit is cleansed, regaining peace and serenity.

To everyone involved in Ho’oponopono, I hold deep gratitude. Through this practice, I have discovered true meaning and purpose in life, experiencing inner peace and joy. This lifework sent to my life is an invaluable gift, and I am truly happy.

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