It’s been about four years since I began practicing Ho’oponopono, starting during my pregnancy with my younger child. I’ve been regularly attending SITH sessions and KR Absentee Bodywork, and it’s been three years now.

With every personal change I felt, I wanted to teach my children Ho’oponopono from an early age. I tried to instill in them the phrases like “I Am The I” and “Peace of I,” but then I realized I needed to clean with these strong desires too. As I continued to chant these phrases, my daughters naturally memorized them. They remind me to say “Peace of I” before bedtime.

Frequently, I used to yell at my 5-year-old in anger, but when I’m caught up in emotions, my 3-year-old would say, “Mommy, it’s okay, I love you. Peace of I.” This jolts me back to calmness, and we read “Peace of I” together. My children seem to understand and incorporate Ho’oponopono more naturally than I do.

Discovering and practicing Ho’oponopono feels like a gift from a divine presence. I had resigned myself to not being able to attend classes due to my young children, but after being encouraged to clean with this thought by Momilani, I’ve finally managed to enroll in a class this February. I’m very excited.

Thank you always.

Thank you & I love you

Peace of I

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