I work at a cafe with my father every day. However, today, I was startled to see him holding a pigeon that was near death. To add to my surprise, there was another lost pigeon inside the cafe. Our cafe has a complex structure with no windows and small doors, so it’s really troublesome when a bird gets in.

Feeling at a loss, I asked myself, “What memory inside of me could have caused this pigeon problem?” I then remembered the cleaning tools I learned in class of Ho’oponopono. I recalled that our instructor, Momilani, particularly recommended a cleaning tool called “Ice Blue,” which I kept reciting internally.

As I continued cleaning the cafe and focusing on the cleaning process, I heard my father say, “The pigeon hit the wall a bit, but it managed to get out safely on its own!”

Through this experience, I truly felt that Ho’oponopono can be a means to solve problems. I was genuinely happy, feeling as if a miracle had occurred. Since then, cleaning every moment has become more enjoyable and filled with gratitude.

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