What does work mean to you?
It is a place of self-expression, a source of money to achieve an ideal life, and a connection to society.
Somewhere along the way, it has become an object that we take for granted and seek good conditions for.
It is as if we do not doubt that what kind of work we do represents who we are, and it is like an indicator for us to pursue a better self.

But what if I knew that my work itself had an identity, just as I had an identity?

Just as you have your own personality, your work has its own purpose and personality. When you work with expectations, ideals, frustrations, and anxieties circling in your memory, to always be recognized by someone else, to not be an inferior you when compared to someone else, you cannot see the true nature of your work, let alone the purpose of your work.

Therefore, the first and most important thing to do when working stress-free is to know yourself, to identify yourself.
The first thing to do is to know how your mind works and what you believe to be the problem.

Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono, which means knowing your true self and correcting the problem.

I am not saying that my problems have disappeared since I learned Ho’oponopono.
However, I feel that my life has been reshaped by knowing what my problems are and what I need to do to solve them.

Peace begins with me.

Mahayana I. Dugast, Ph.D

Mahayana I. Dugast, Ph.D. met SITH Ho’oponopono in 2008. She has three sons and one grandson. She says that her work, motherhood, and grandmotherhood are all in harmony with the blessings of being able to practice the “true self” that she learned at SITH. She attributes her ability to express herself in all three roles with a peaceful heart to the cleaning of each moment. To read the full interview with Mahayana I. Dugast, please click here.


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