When we feel inadequate in our current way of life, we sometimes feel that we are being influenced or constrained by our surroundings.
When we are overly concerned about what others think of us, and before we know it, we feel that everything is different from what we have chosen to do, we search for a way of life that is uniquely our own, but in fact, we seem to see many memories in the idea of a “way of life that is uniquely our own.

This is how a life that is true to oneself should be. If we live a life that is true to ourselves, we would not do this kind of thing.
This kind of work does not suit a life that is true to oneself. If we are true to ourselves, we would not feel this way.
When we clean with the assumptions we unknowingly hold about who we are, we will naturally find our own way of living in the place where we are right now.
Momilani talks about how we can live our own life right now.

Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D. In 1983, she attended a SITH mini-lecture given by Morrnah on the island of Oahu and has been a staff member ever since. She was one of the few who received training as an instructor directly from Morrnah. She is a professor and music director at Mesa College in San Diego, California, and in recent years has taken up painting, inspired by cleaning, which has been the subject of several exhibitions. Click here to read a related interview with Momilani Ramstram.


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