The “reality” you are facing now is merely a replay of your memories stored in the subconscious mind for many years. For the most part, we don’t seem to see any real “reality.
That being said, if you watch the news, it is filled with all kinds of events that you have no control over.
The very feelings of helplessness and resentment that we feel that we cannot stop the flow of the world have actually been stored within us since the moment the universe originally began.

Therefore, the frustration of “I can’t do anything, I have to go with the flow of society!” If you try to clean with your frustration from the viewpoint that it is not something given to you by society, but rather something that is a manifestation of your original memories, you may be able to see a change in the situation in which you are struggling helplessly and are on the verge of giving up.

In my own past, when I was a single mother trying to make a living in Hawaii while raising young children, I often heard voices that limited my future, my children’s career paths, and our lives.
When it came time to choose which school to send my younger daughter to when she started elementary school, I, who was already practicing Ho’oponopono, first did some cleaning. By cleaning my expectations and hopes, I wanted my daughter to go to the right school for her.

Then I got the inspiration that she would go to a private school.
As soon as I started looking into the details, including tuition fees, my friends started telling me that I could not afford it as a single mother and that it would not be appropriate for my family to attend.
I cleaned with all of their voices. I cleaned with my honest feelings of sadness at being told this, my desire to know if it was right or wrong, and my fear that it might actually be true. I also cleaned my feelings of being stubborn.

In Hawaii at that time, there were stereotypes about what jobs single mothers could do and where they could live. There were also certain areas where families could send their children to private schools. I cleaned everything that society, not me, dictated.

As a result, it was the best experience for me. The idea of sending my children to private school was the catalyst for me to encounter and clean with all the ties within me that I had not been aware of before.
Each time I honestly cleaned my feelings, I was surprised to realize how many things I had been holding on to.

As I continued cleaning, one of my bodywork clients offered me an idea for a new contract that would be enough for me to send my daughter to private school and still be able to make ends meet.
What I realized was that if it was the right thing to do for my daughter, what needed to happen would happen. If I had tried to force my child to go to some other school, without cleaning, there would always have been problems.

The goal is not to put the child where I expect them to be, but to clean their memories. As a result of the cleaning, each of us is in the right place and can choose to do the right thing, which is the most important thing.

As a starting point, I started the cleaning process with the experience of wanting to send my daughter to private school, but from a cosmic point of view, I had things to clean, so I wanted to “send my daughter to private school,” or I had the harmful effects of being a single mother, being told many things by people.
And as a result of the actual cleaning, I think each of us was also placed in the right place at that moment.

We often feel inconvenienced when our expectations are not met, but our lives are changed when we realize that the inconvenience was there in the first place and begin cleaning it.
Wouldn’t you like to live a life guided by your “true” self, connected to the Divine Intelligence, rather than being driven by memories?


KAMAILELAULI’I RAFAELOVICH (a.k.a. KR), the first disciple of the late Morrnah Simeona, founder of SITH Ho’oponopono. She has been cleaning for over 50 years and holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MAT (Massage Therapist License) certifications. In addition to her real estate business in Hawaii, she also does Ho’oponopono consulting, bodywork, land cleaning, and lectures throughout the country. She is the author of many Ho’oponopono books. Please check the books from here

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