Marvin Kala’iki Grino

attended his first SITH® class in 1998 presented by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and has since helped staff, coordinate and instruct Basic I, Business Ho’oponopono, Health Ho’oponopono and Basic II IN PERSON classes in the United States, Japan, Korea, Bulgaria and Peru. Marvin also taught Basic I and Basic II ONLINE classes in the United States and Argentina. His difficult experiences with relationships, health, work and finances, and the stress caused by these experiences prompted him to “explore” the SITH® process introduced to him by his best friend. Looking back now, he doesn’t know how he got out of those situations. Working only on himself, Marvin was able to experience being “healed” and effect the “change” in himself and his family. He applies the cleaning process every moment and watches the SITH® process work. Using SITH® enables him to experience Peace within, able to let go of his confusion, worries, fear, stress, and uncertainties. It also allows him to forge a deeper and more meaningful relationships with his spouse and family. Furthermore, it allows him to deeply appreciate everything around him, his family, friends, co-workers, nature and all of Divinity’s creations.

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