Deborah Haleiwa Mangis, Ph.D.

Deborah Haleiwa Mangis, Ph.D. デボラ・ハレイワ・マンギス Ph.D.The more you repeat the cleaning process, the deeper and more aware you become of the fact that you are doing Ho’oponopono!

first took SITH® in Colorado in the mid1980’s and proceeded to coordinate SITH® classes in Denver, Colorado. She found SITH® to be very profound in personal relationships, family (especially children), on work projects and on nature. Deborah retired in 2012 from a career as a Ph. D. ecologist with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US National Park Service.

She has coordinated classes in Colorado and North Carolina, and taught classes IN PERSON in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ireland, Japan, China and ONLINE in Japan, Taiwan, Washington D.C. and Anchorage, Alaska. Using the SITH® process she has experienced: a greater sense of peace and trust in her life for the moment, and the future; avoided death in a car accident; and gained an understanding of the profound effects of the process on herself, family, land and nature in bringing harmony, peace, health, and right relationships.

She is very grateful to Morrnah Simeona and Divinity for the process, and the gentle, loving and profound changes that have occurred for her and her family.

After more than 30 years she still does the process because she becomes more aware of the profound impact of SITH® in her life, on the planet and cosmos.

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