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KR Card: Pond

I-Dentity= Pond

This card supports you in receiving and expressing yourself out of love and letting go of other things that need to be let go of naturally.
Life is a journey. You can move forward on this journey by cleaning.

Message from KR

There was a message that always came up in my meditations after I became involved with the Big Island land.

It was, "Use the ice blue cleaning tool to clean the camera.

I was cleaning my grandson's hand-me-down camera, which was the only camera I had.
One day, I saw myself using that camera to take pictures of the land as inspiration, so I immediately turned to the forest.

I wasn't wearing my glasses, so I didn't know what I was seeing.

But I enjoyed watching the camera and the land move as if they were dancing.

The images that appeared on the cards are used in this project.

Each card has a different message.

The "pond" card has to do with identity. When I photographed it, I had the experience that the camera was taking me to the right place.

I just kept cleaning.

I cleaned with the pond in which I was guided, its water, the fish, turtles, plants, air, microorganisms, the sky and clouds reflecting on the surface of the water, everything that inhabited it, and asked them to participate in the cleaning and to remember love.
Gratitude filled the place.

Rebirth, vitality, and development, these three balances around "self" are what this card was made for.

Made of plastic
Size: 54 x 85.6 Thickness 0.76 mm


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