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Ceeport Keychain

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len's inspiration for a new cleaning tool that is simple and durable.

The Zero Wise Create Team, under the direction of Dr. Ihaleakala hew Len, is proud to introduce a new addition to the well-known Ceeport series.

The Ceeport Key Chain is a key designed to open the door to the Divine intelligence within each person who uses it.

It is a goodie made so that each person who uses it can return to the source of love, wisdom, and peace whenever they choose to do so.

It allows for "cleaning every moment" wherever you are, wherever you go.

This Ceeport keychain is as light as "when you are at zero" and "when you are letting go of everything," and when you hold it, it nestles in your hand and wraps around you perfectly.

Place it in your wallet or pocket and it will clean your money, credit cards, and everything else in your wallet and return it to a state of zero.

The key chain is engraved with the word Ceeport.

What is Ceeport?

C. Clean
E. Erase
E. Erase
Port. (It is the port you return to and the entrance to Shangri-La.)

The word "Ceeport" is derived from these four meanings.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len designed the Ceeport keychain with a focus on lightness and straight laser-beam engraving.

Made of aluminum
Size: 45 mm (length) x 38 mm (width) x 4 mm (thickness)
Weight: 11 grams


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