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Ceeport Cleaning Card

The Ceeport Cleaning Cards are getting a new lease of life!
Inspired by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, this set of 56 cards was created for "practicing communication with Unihipili".
This set of 56 cards has been loved for almost 10 years since its release.
Now, with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len's new inspiration, it has been renewed.
It is now available in four languages (English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean) on one card, with a larger card size and a new design.

When I practice cleaning on a daily basis, I don't hear unihipili's voice.
I don't know how to talk with unihipili. Have you ever had such a situation?
Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len created the Ceeport Cleaning Cards for such people and for those who want to let go of more and more memories in order to receive inspiration.

When you use the Ceeport Cleaning Cards, it's a time to put aside the "judgment" we always rely on and let your unihipili genuinely open your heart and mind.
We invite you to enjoy a free conversation with your unihipili using the new Ceeport Cleaning Cards.
The Cleaning Card is your personal search engine. Every time you use the Cleaning Card, unihipili will choose what you want to clean "now".
Each time you mix, mix, mix, and cut a card, a heavy memory that has been playing over and over in your mind comes to the surface and is given a chance to be cleaned.
It doesn't matter what card you choose. (Actually, that card is choosing you!).

The cards will be a tool for you to have a conversation with your unihipili every morning and night.
Whenever something is bothering you in your daily life, you pull the card and it makes you aware of what is causing it.

<Cleaning card testimonials>
48 years old, company owner
After working for a major company for many years, I had been independent for a year and was wondering how to rebuild my company as it was not generating the profits I had initially imagined. As a business owner, I felt lonely on my own and had no one I could sincerely talk to about my problems, so a friend recommended the Ceeport cleaning card to me.
I cut the card and pulled one out while thinking about my concerns. To clean means to work with Divinity.
Divinity knows everything that needs to be done, including the memories that need to be purified. After I drew this card, I felt that I didn't have to do everything by myself, and it became easier and my hardened mind started to become clearer and easier.

30's, Self-employed
I was living with my parents and my mother was depressed, and my father was suffering a lot watching her, and I was suffering a lot watching my mother and father.
I was wondering why I was suffering so much, so I drew a card.
I realized that I had been so focused on the outside that I had not taken good care of myself, and although I tend to put myself on the back burner, I felt refreshed and motivated to face this issue properly.

Size: 130mm x 75mm, 52 cards (56 cards including instruction manual) in a drawstring case (plastic PV UV printing)


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