“The most important thing is to know your true self and love it.”

Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.

What do you want to realize in life?

What makes your life full?

Ho’oponopono says that the problem is not outside of yourself, but inside.  And during the process of returning to true-self, the perfect and right relationships, abundance and health that you need appear at the perfect timing.

And that true-self is a new self that is first regained by true self-care.

In this class, you will first learn self-identity, that is, your true mechanism from scratch.

Opening the door to “freedom” by knowing how oneself works and how one can create problems and release them at the same time.

At this moment, you are acting as “you” because each of these three selfs is working.

As you learn true self-care, each can regain its original role and live your true self.

Instructor:Christine Leimakamae Chu 

Christine Leimakamae Chu attended her first Ho’oponopono class in 1998 and currently teaches classes in the United States and Canada. She is raising three children, working as an accountant, and practicing Ho’oponopono daily in her parenting and in her work. Click here to read an interview with Christine