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Hawaiian Salt

Here comes a cleaning tool that you can incorporate naturally into your daily routine (cooking, etc.)!

Just by licking a grain a day, your body will clean itself even when your conscious mind has forgotten how to clean itself.

Hawaiian Salt brings repentance and forgiveness to the soul.
It symbolizes the energy of a time when the Divinity transforms karmically befouled memories into pure light.
Salt is the essence of pure light.
Taking a small amount of salt at a time adds a rich flavor to your life.
The essence of life, existence, and miracles is revealed.
Using Hawaiian Salt as inspired is a sign of compassion and a positive outreach to the Divinity.
It can also be used for spiritual care.

Hawaiian Salt is a blend of Pacific Ocean seawater (deep ocean water) dried by Hawaiian sunlight and our specially formulated salt made from pristine water drawn from 2,000 feet below the ground on the Big Island of Hawaii. The result is a single miracle of unadulterated purity itself, the result of pouring ice-cold, uncontaminated water over rock salt and then drying it.

Contents: 141g
Ingredients: Sea salt (Hawaii, U.S.A.)


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