Traditional Hawaiian medical practitioners, known as kahunas, have performed rituals to cleanse the body of colds and other symptoms from the perspective that they are the manifestation through the body of memories stored in the subconscious mind and shared by ourselves with land, people, things, and events.

The late Morrnah Simeona, founder of SITH Ho'oponopono and Hawaii State Living Treasure, developed it as a cleaning that anyone can do on their own.
At the same time, she also took over the art as a kahuna, using herbs and preparing them for her clients.

Meditation: Flow is the Cascade of Blessings. Flow allows the water fall from Divinity to open and let loose. Flow is like standing under an effervescing abundance of moving water. Flow is a Delight. Use of Flow works with death, funerals, pains and agonies, tightening the wheel of life in a harmonic blend of experiences. Works on the overwhelm of life.

A formula of lemongrass combined with cinnamon in powder from which can be added as a flavorful ingredient to your cooking and baking. Add a pinch to coffee grounds. Makes a flavorful drink when added to hot water; enhance with lemon zest and honey. Each container provides a multitude of serving options for a truly gourmet taste. Net Wt. 1.0 oz (28g)


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